Using the Numark Mixtrack Quad with TRAKTOR PRO 2

The Numark Mixtrack Quad

The Numark Mixtrack Quad is a 4 channel digital DJ controller with a built-in audio I/O device that was released in Spring 2013 and marketed as the only controller in its class and price range that offers 4 channel capabilities.

It is essentially a 4 channel version of the Numark Mixtrack Pro II, which is itself the second version of the infamous Mixtrack Pro, reportedly the world’s best selling digital DJ controller. With upgraded platters and touch-sensitive backlit drum pads, the Mixtrack Pro II is widely regarded as the current standard for entry level DJ controllers, so the Mixtrack Quad comes from an excellent pedigree. Numark has been producing innovative DJ equipment for 40 years, so they clearly know what they’re doing and have an enviable track record for producing both pro and consumer kit.


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