About Me

My name is Ian Thomas, but my close friends all call me Swarley. It started years ago – something to do with an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” – and it just stuck. Ironically I don’t even watch that show! More recently they’ve started calling me “Lendon” – a hybrid of Sheldon and Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory”. I think I’ll stick with Swarley.

Photo of Ian Thomas

I started life by studying Economics, but I’ve always been fascinated by technology and computing in particular, so it didn’t take long for me to move into IT. I got my grounding in front-line product support, then turned my hand to software engineering. After a few years as a senior developer, I became a project manager and team leader, looking after both software development and infrastructure/DevOps projects and teams. I was then appointed Technology Strategy Manager, looking after all internal infrastructure, running several internal development projects, and defining the company’s strategic use of internal and external technologies.

In 2013 I joined Linguamatics as the founding member of their brand new Solutions Development team. It was my job to establish the team’s ethos and approach, start building a suitable collection of tools and frameworks, and develop the first few software projects. I’m now the Principal Solutions Developer and run the team. For more detail on my background, skills and experience, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time, I love to watch films. I’m an epic film geek, and spend countless hours building up an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of useless film trivia. I enjoy hanging out with my wife Lauren, disappearing into the countryside on my bike, digital music mixing/production and playing with my borderline-psychotic cat Minnie. I’m also partial to working on personal programming projects, which I hope will one day spawn a successful Open Source project. I’m a member of the Amazon Vine Programme which means they send me several things each month to review (mostly technology products) and in return I get to keep them for free!

I set up this blog to share the random array of information escaping from my brain. Hopefully some of it will be interesting or useful to you.